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It’s time for a BEVOLUTION:
bio-ecological buildings
are becoming the new standard.

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Our name reflects our mission. BE is an abbreviation of ‘bio-ecological’ … as well as ‘to be’. Two letters, two meanings, one mission: to create a space where people can be at one with nature. In a former textile factory that we’re using as our workshops and offices, and in a place where contact with nature has disappeared, we are forging a new kind of workshop. It’s a ‘factory’ where links are being woven between humans and nature.

Many of the buildings where we live and work are not, or are not sufficiently, time-proof. They are not designed to evolve and are constructed from materials that cannot be reused and are not biodegradable. This results in a huge mountain of waste for future generations. Nor has the impact on nature, and thus ourselves, been taken into consideration. It’s as if humans have forgotten that they too are part of nature. Our goal is to raise awareness of people’s connection with the Earth. Since time immemorial, humans have breathed the same air, consumed the same water and lived on the same planet as animals and plants and we will continue to do so. Nature is our common home.

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We connect nature,
circularity, architecture,
interior, exterior
and objects.

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of buildings
and interiors

Spaces that adapt like a second skin
to what we are – a part of nature.

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Starting from the design, we integrate nature into the surrounding environment. The architectural features already there and the reusable materials, sourced locally, help to inspire us – from the insulation to the interior.

We design projects for change in order to extend the life of buildings and interiors, and we are mindful of the future uses of the spaces. Additionally, we aim for a high level of ‘dismantle-ability’. So your circular building, at the end of its life, can serve as a material bank for future construction.

Whether for an apartment, villa, townhouse, commercial space or an office, our amazing artisans transform each project into an oasis where you can recharge your batteries.

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and objects

In nature, there is no waste.

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The natural world has no waste. It’s an age-old principle that is today known as ‘circularity’. Local and natural materials, as well as construction materials collected in our workshops, are the raw materials and inspirational sources for the design of our furniture and our accessories. Our creations are influenced by the raw materials themselves, rather than originating on a computer. It’s the material that guides the shape.

Each piece of furniture and every accessory is produced in our workshops in Ronse. They are the timeless result of artistic and artisanal expertise, and are made in limited editions, depending on materials availability. The materials are hand-worked over the years. So you can clearly see any flaws that are worthwhile highlighting. It is these flaws that make each piece such a unique object.

The return-to-sender advantage

If you’re interested in another piece of furniture, we will happily take back your piece or accessory. Six months or more after your purchase, we reimburse the balance of the value. We then find a new destination for your purchase. We deliver the piece of furniture or accessory in perfect shape. Alternatively, the materials are reclaimed as raw materials that can be used to make new accessories and furniture. This is how we work together, for a world without waste.

our furniture
and objects

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edible gardens

The garden’s best gift
is a revitalisation
of the five senses.

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You really don’t need to travel all over the world to discover nature’s wisdom and more besides: your garden can offer you these things. So we create gardens that are interesting, attractive and edible. They are not ornamental gardens or vegetable gardens, but a combination of both and they don’t require much maintenance.

The existing trees and plants serve as our inspiration. We preserve rather than replace.

During the design phase, including the selection of plants and construction of the gardens, we follow the rules of agro-ecology, food forests and permaculture. In other words, we support the natural process, restore biodiversity and optimise productivity. Each plant has a role to play and contributes to the system. Most of the plants are edible, some attract bees and other insects, while other plants fix nitrogen. Together, they make the plants, animals, people and our planet healthier.