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This terraced house with an EPB A rating (most energy-efficient, under the label for EU Energy Performance of Buildings) is designed to handle two possible scenarios. It can be used as a residential house or for office space, with a kitchen and meeting room on the first floor. The house has been renovated according to bio-ecological principles, when used as a residence. The small, original annexes have been replaced by an ornamental garden that is larger and features edible plants. Even though the house is smaller than before, it feels more spacious, thanks to extensive use of natural light and a smart layout. The house is insulated with paper flakes in the roof, recycled glass pellets under the floor, hemp-lime and recycled cotton in the walls, as well as cork and linen around the windows. Finishes include plaster of clay, tadelakt in the bathroom, and a terrazzo shelf in the kitchen. All the made-to-measure cupboards, which can be dismantled and reused, are made of reclaimed wood and FSC-labelled wood.

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