BF annex wastafel annex02 low
BF annex wastafel detail01 low
BF annex binnen toilet low landscape
BF annex binnen vloer tegeltjes
BF annex buiten staand low
BF annex buiten deur low
BF annex buiten drempel low



We decorated this brushed oak washbasin with a terrazzo shelf, made to measure from pieces of recycled tiles. The white lime plaster and terracotta stucco blend in perfectly with the shelf. On the floor, we used the same recycled tiles as on the washbasin shelf. The old door’s patina enhances the effect.

We installed these toilets in a burnt-wood outhouse, a solution that extends the life of the wood by making it more watertight.

We also enjoy tackling projects on a smaller scale, such as this toilet outhouse.

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