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Apart Together

Space divider

A space divider for books, works of art, decorative items, souvenirs, photos, etc. has been created from an old window lintel from the former textiles factory that is home to our workshops and offices. We sanded down the beam to revive the wood. The French oak shelves, trimmed with metal, originate from an abandoned wood lot that we saved from the waste disposal centre. Details, such as the legs, are crafted from hand-forged iron.

Editions of this model
4.045 €
Height 203 cm
Width 52 cm
Depth 162 cm
Delivery time
Return to sender
If you’re interested in another piece of furniture, we will happily take back your piece or accessory. Six months or more after your purchase, we reimburse the balance of the value. We then find a new destination for your purchase. We deliver the piece of furniture or accessory in perfect shape. Alternatively, the materials are reclaimed as raw materials that can be used to make new accessories and furniture. This is how we work together, for a world without waste.

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